Our 24 Hours Services

The services include

Ocean freight from China to Lesotho (FCL)

Air Freight from China to Lesotho

Cargo Consolidation (LTL)

Cargo Collection and Warehousing

China Tour Trips ( In groups or individually)

Supplier Sourcing and Verification

Payment of China Suppliers

Marine Insurance

Customs Clearance in China and In Lesotho

Assistance with Chinese visa application

General Consultation


What we do

Ocean freight from China to Lesotho (FCL)
We aid with transportation that is normally used to ship large and heavy goods via the ocean or sea from China to Lesotho.

Air freight from China to Lesotho
Our service helps with transporting goods or produce by aircraft from China to Lesotho.

Our Capabilities

1. Airport service

2. 24 hours service in 7 days a week

3. Priority delivery service

4. Senior discounts

5. Corporate accounts available